List of Beauty pageants in Nigeria

  1. Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant
  2. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)
  3. Miss Earth Nigeria
  4. Miss Africa Calabar
  5. Miss CommonWealth Nigeria Pageant
  6. Miss Nigeria International
  7. Miss Petite Nigeria Pageant
  8. Miss Africa USA Pageant
  9. Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant
  10. Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria pageant (MBFN)
  11. Miss Wazobia Nigeria
  12. Face of Independence Beauty Pageant and Award
  13. Miss Africa USA Pageant
  14. Miss Eti-Osa
  15. Mr and Miss Nigeria UK
  16. Miss Pride of Africa UK
  17. Miss Philanthropy Africa
  18. Miss Nigeria USA
  19. Miss Nigeria in America (MNIA)
  20. Miss Nigeria Ghana (MNG)
  21. Miss Health beauty pageant Nigeria
  22. Miss Culture Nigeria pageant
  23. Miss Beautiful Nigeria pageant
  24. Beauty of African International pageant (BAIP)
  25. Miss Comely Queen Nigeria pageant
  26. The Nigerian Queen pageant
  27. Miss Charity Ambassador beauty pageant (MCA)
  28. Miss personality Nigeria (MPN)
  29. Miss Ambassador for peace beauty pageant
  30. Face of Elegance Nigeria pageant
  31. Miss pretty face Nigeria beauty pageant
  32. Miss Heritage Nigeria beauty pageant
  33. Queen of Emerald Nigeria beauty pageant
  34. Miss Lagos beauty pageant
  35. Africa Beauty Queen Intl pageant
  36. Beauty of Africa pageant
  37. Miss Diamond Nigeria
  38. Miss Gold Icon Nigeria
  39. Face of Nigeria World pageant
  40. Face of CandyCity Nigeria beauty pageant
List of Beauty pageants in Nigeria

Have any pageant we missed? Or you would like us to add to the list? Kindly comment below.
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