Grace Ladoja honoured by British Vogue in the #Vogue25 list

Grace Ladoja has done more than most for the culture this year alone. From spearheading the Nike Super Eagles campaign to bringing some of the biggest names in music together for the legendary Homecoming show. At the beginning of the year she was awarded an MBE from the Queen and now she finds herself honoured by British Vogue in the #Vogue25 list as one of the most influential women in Britain.

According to British Vogue, the list was curated to shine a light on the powerful women driving forward their respective industries. They wrote:

What does power look like now? As we assembled Vogue’s inaugural list of the most influential women working in Britain for the July issue, it became clear that this question is more complicated than ever to answer. How telling, for example, that while there have never been more women in cabinet, 2018 did not feel like a year to shine a light on the ever-shifting sands of power in the old establishment. It is no longer enough simply to hold a great office of state, it seems.

Power and influence now take many forms. It does, however, still require an eye-watering level of achievement, regardless of age (the oldest entry, Baroness Hale, is 73; the youngest, Dua Lipa, is 22). It also demands the ability to inspire, and the clout to change the conversation.

Drawing from the worlds of politics, fashion, the arts, media and sport, we have had to make notable omissions. For some, authority remains too precarious (Theresa May), for others it is eternal (the Queen). So these are the women of this year: the Vogue 25, an extraordinary cast of leaders defining – and redefining – the way we live now.

Hailing Grace in her capacity as a Music Executive and looking at the amazing work she has done with Skepta and the whole BBK crew, Vogue writes:

Music executive

When Skepta won the Mercury Prize for his album Konnichiwa, it was thanks in no small part to his manager: fast-rising music executive Grace Ladoja, otherwise known as the Godmother of Grime. In 2018, in a move unimaginable a few years ago, Buckingham Palace recognised her services to music in the New Year’s Honours List – proof of her crucial role in Britain’s burgeoning DIY music scene, and her talent for shaking up the status quo.

At such a young age, Grace has achieved so much in her career and as she continues to rise, she takes the spirit of Nigeria with her, constantly championing the culture
Grace Ladoja honoured by British Vogue in the #Vogue25 list Grace Ladoja honoured by British Vogue in the #Vogue25 list Reviewed by Entice News on June 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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